Ab Sad Namavaran

Taking into consideration the capacity and experiences of member companies, Namavaran Ab Sad International Company s field of activity includes engineering and technical services, contracting and implementing construction plans in the form of engineering (Design), Procurement and Construction (EPC) or Procurement and Construction (PC) or Construction (C) of small and large Dams, Hydropower-plant, Hydraulic Structures, construction of infrastructures, Tunnels, Water storages and distribution systems. Wastewater collection and transfer systems, Sanitation, Water transfer channels, irrigation and drainage systems, onshore constructions, Water and wastewater treatment plants, thermal power and industrial civil works and if necessary financing of the projects in Iran and overseas.


Over 40 years of experience in civil construction of large scale projects by Namavaran Ab Sad s company group with successful management and latest technology in the field of construction together with optimization of costs, COBA (Cost Benefit Analysis), by improved and precise planning, appropriate time schedule in projects implementation as well as studying and schematic plans in order to present the best possible technical services, optimum design and engineering is a desired strategy which have qualified the group to perfectly fulfill our obligation.

    The shareholders of Namavaran Ab Sad International Company are listed as below:
  • Namavaran Mohandesi International Investment Company
  • Tablieh Construction Company
  • Culham Construction Company
  • Ev-Yol Construction Company
  • Alamoot Bridge and building Engineering Company
  • Band Ab Consultant Engineering Company
The annual averaged turn over of the company in the last five years totals in 72,000,000 US Dollars. The company has the following competency grades according to the latest survey announced by the state planning and Management Organization: Grade one in the field of Transportation
Grade one in the field of Dam s Construction and Water industry
Grade three in the field of Construction
Grade four in the field of Installation and Equipment